ORO FM radio station


A radio station company stands for. If you also think a careful scheduling, where raw pleasure of listening to good music, an FM essence, that company becomes reality. ORO FM thought to give a balance to the news, sport and entertainment, always around that musical that will be present throughout the day, crossing genres and eras that will make you travel back in time and live with this intensity. ORO FM cover a wide area of ​​metropolitan influence air level and be your option to listen online from anywhere in the world. Our commitment is to you, faithful listener future and all that your sponsorship will enable us to grow together in this adventure of “doing radio.” ORO FM will always be in favor of your concerns, we will watch for them and we will adapt to your tastes and preferences, so that you choose us as your first choice. Ultimately, ORO FM will be “always on your side. ORO FM official website address is www.orofm.com.uy