Our Radio radio station

Our Radio

Our Radio support interest in all areas of national interest (from the health and welfare of our students to the greatest achievements in the field of sports, cultures are the economy). Of course, Our Radio pay great attention to domestic show business, popularizing the product made in our country. Our Radio promote Ukrainian musicians, composers and poets in the CIS countries and abroad, and vice versa. The format of “Nashe Radio” – one of the most popular music formats in Europe. Carefully selecting the music for the ether, Our Radio form the taste of our audience. Our listeners in a fraction of a second can determine any sound, and large-scale project “Guess the sound of” more and get a lot of money. Our Radio chose the “Main cat country,” losing weight on “Methods Galibina” wake up with a “hearty” and this is not the limit. With our Radio everything will be our way!Our Radio official website address is nashe.ua