Radio Millenium UK radio station

Radio Millenium UK

You are the waves and the site of Radio Millenium UK. E radio designed for Bulgarians residing in the UK and Ireland.Radio Millenium UK mission is to rally the Bulgarians in the countries where they are and thus make them feel closer to their homeland by broadcasting special programs on important and useful information concerning the life of Bulgarians abroad, musical shows, local newscasts native Bulgarian language of the countries with permanent presence of Bulgarian Community. Radio Millenium UK believe that the Bulgarians would feel closer to their homeland through music, traditions and native language. Radio named Millennium the expansion of the Bulgarian community in the world after the occurrence of the second decade of the early 20th century.Radio Millenium UK is broadcast 24 hours on the Internet. Radio Millenium UK goal is to maintain your good mood with Non-Stop hit music, wherever you are – in your car, workplace or at home.Radio Millenium UK official website address is