House Heads Radio radio station

House Heads Radio

Since our dispatch on the 25th of April 2014 we have developed speedier than some other music station that has preceded us, picking up backing from all kinds of different backgrounds and corners of the globe. Our insights show House Heads Radio have had very nearly 3800 one of a kind audience hits on our site player in this way, that is without having the check from all the outer players…. House Heads Radio are genuinely overpowered and appreciative for the help and look advances to 2015. House Heads Radio intend to present to you the absolute best in all things house. With a magnificent cluster of a percentage of the finest underground DJs on the music scene, nearby fresh recruits and ability, playing LIVE telecasts at a high bitrate, perfectly clear stream from 10 separate nations (as such), this is a station that sets the bar high, day in and day out and 365 days a year. House Heads Radio likewise have a best in class feature chatroom that is brimming with similar, gathering orientated, househeads, who experience their affection for house music. The chatroom has a versatile variant to visit on the go so you never miss the fun as you listen to the beats. House Heads Radio work as a group between DJs, administrator and you the audience.House Heads Radio official website address is