Dandelion Radio radio station

Dandelion Radio

Dandelion Radio could let you know how a group of volunteers felt roused by the legacy of the late and quite missed BBC Radio DJ John Peel to make our own Internet radio station, named after Dandelion Records, the mark Peel ran from 1969-1973. Dandelion Radio could let you know that Dandelion Radio are exhausted with computerized and designed radio, and long for the days when DJs made it up as they came, as Dandelion Radio do. Then again that Dandelion Radio need to serve the needs of the individuals who make and circulate new and fascinating music and give an extraordinary listening background, with the soul of Peel going through everything we do. Dandelion Radio could likewise let you know about all the weird, testing, new, old and distinctive music Dandelion Radio play. Furthermore the selective live recordings and sessions Dandelion Radio consistently offer. On the other hand about how Dandelion Radio are the authority new home of John Peel’s incredible Festive Fifty – a television organization since 1976.Dandelion Radio official website address is www.dandelionradio.com