Radio Eskilstuna radio station

Radio Eskilstuna

Radio Eskilstuna reaches out to about 150 000 people in northwestern malardalen over the air and Internet radio. Radio Eskilstuna are a local radio station that focuses on local news , reports, sports, events and interviews with national and international artists, politicians and celebrities.In the daytime we play the latest music interspersed with artist interviews, reports, local news and music news. Evenings and weekends we have various special programs with different music themes, styles of music in different languages.Radio Eskilstuna ship directly from various local events such as councils, various cultural events and sports events.Radio Eskilstuna operate consciously positive attitude impacting issues of racism, violence and drugs, cultural diversity, etc., and promotes Eskilstuna city of music by playing, interviewing and making reports with the municipality’s various musical groups and musical styles.Radio Eskilstuna official website address is