Capricorn FM radio station

Capricorn FM

As a business radio station, the TV group conveys 70% music and 30% television shows. The music will offer a mixed bag of urban kinds in R&b, soul, afro-pop, Afro-Soul, hip-hop, kwaito, and house, furthermore cater for jazz and gospel significant others and what Capricorn FM portrays as urban jazz and urban gospel. People groups of all ages will each one observe that they have been incorporated in the station’s telecasts. The thought to cook for a constantly broadening group of onlookers was vital to the choice to show 70% in English and 30% vernacular, joining the three prevailing ethnic gatherings in the area (Venda, Sepedi, Tsonga). Capricorn FM shows 24 hours all through Limpopo with five transmitters covering the principle towns and territories encompassing them.Capricorn FM official website address is