Metro 97.7 FM radio station

Metro 97.7 FM

Metro Fm is Nigeria’s number one Adult Contemporary (70%) radio station and different flavors (30%). Our center is on the 18-35 crowd with “this” and “that” added to keep different crowds stuck. Our taste of world music likewise serves as a connector to the world crowd and uncover our essential focus to things around the globe.Actually, the excursion to this point began numerous years prior on the 22nd of April, 1977 as the first Frequency Modulated [fm] station in Nigeria, West Africa and Africa. It was stereophonic FM and AM radio station working on 97.6 recurrence balance and 1458 AM and was initiated Nbc2, then Rn2 before it transformed to Metro. In September, 2011 Metro’s recurrence was changed to 97.7 FM from 97.6 FM.Metro 97.7fm in 2013 was rebranded to help the 18-35 year group of onlookers. Metro is intended to be the ‘audience’s number one radio sidekick’ with an agreeable and expert group to set aside a few minutes.So keep us consistently on your listening gadget on the grounds that we are tastefully yoursMetro 97.7 FM official website address is