Radio Dux radio station

Radio Dux

Radio Dux – RADIO CROATIAN NATIONAL MINORITIES NGO umbrella Croatian community – “Dux Croatorum” Radio Dux formed with the mission of preserving the national identity of the Croatian people in Montenegro and in this regard, the preservation of the cultural, linguistic and other specifics that characterize our national group in this region. interest in promoting and preserving all that we have inherited as indigenous people in this region, and to re-establish broken ties and creating new with the mother country, Radio Dux. Radio Dux have become a public forum, recognized as a radio Croatian minority in Montenegro. Experimental broadcasting started We June 26, 2009. whatever. on the frequency 97.4 MHz. Officially scheduled broadcast program scheme we started symbolically show “Tracing the Croats and the Bay of events” 6. Dec 2009. year. Radio Dux official website address is