Radio Ufita radio station

Radio Ufita

Born January 26, 1977 from an idea of Domenico Santosuosso, Radio Ufita is present in the province of Avellino, Benevento, Foggia and streamed worldwide. Press registration at the Court of Ariano Irpino.Direttore responsible Domenico Santosuosso artistic director Massimiliano Santosuosso.Iscritta to CONNA. Broadcasts 24 hours 24 on the frequencies 90.900 MHz and 95.300 MHz, was among the first radio in Italy. In 1977 began broadcasting January 19 (date unofficially), January 26, 1977, however, began in an official manner. It ‘was one of the first broadcasters in Italy, if not the first, to broadcast the proceedings of the council of Montecalvo Irpino, first for then, giving citizens montecalvesi the opportunity to follow the work in real time. In addition, the broadcaster Radio Ufita stood out in time for its live links from polling stations. Resounding round the election of 2004 when, through the program “Special Elections” was proclaimed the then Mayor Giancarlo Di Rubbo, victory at the photo finish. Over the years he has organized exhibitions of great success, as the “Sanremo Baby”, in the years 80-90. Through this event has managed to bring to national prominence some participants .It distinguishes today for its broadcasts cultural, sports and music, among them the various news reports in collaboration with national and regional news agencies, “Moving In Campania” (info traffic on the roads the Campania region), “Ufita Sport” (sports broadcast direct and conducted by the Director Domenico Santosuosso), “Health and Society” (news of medical disclosure) and many other specific headings. Today, through the know-how, is undoubtedly one of the radio stations in Italy to take advantage of new technologies. “Radio Ufita” already dealership since 1977, is among the radio to have had ministerial approval to continue even in digital.Radio Ufita official website address is