Radio Sirio radio station

Radio Sirio

RADIO SIRIO was founded in 1983. In the 80’s it was easy to put on a radio station, few enough equipment (a record player, a cassette player, a microphone and maybe the lucky ones also had a phone) and the desire to be heard. The idea part of a group of young people who used to meet and participate in parish activities of the convent of Santo Spirito, then run by the Franciscan fathers. A story our very similar to what you saw in the movie “Radio Arrow” (… admitted that you have seen) with the only difference that we “fortunately” we are still here and we do turn drives more than 20 years . In all this time there are many people who, through their participation have given a name and a story to Radio. Several generations have passed from our studies and Radio Sirio are not surprised anymore when today, in front of the microphone, maybe Radio Sirio find the children of our former colleagues. All gave something and no one is left without receiving anything in return. “More than a radio a second family ….” that many say. Although it has become difficult to survive in the context of local radio, Radio Sirius manages to be competitive and always evolving attributing priority to human values rather than economic objectives: Sirius Radio is the voice of those who wants to hear, is the radio unconventional imposed by consumerism today. In the firmament of radio local Italian, Radio Sirio is certainly one of the brightest stars.Radio Sirio official website address is