Radio Montorfano radio station

Radio Montorfano

Radio Montorfano and ‘born in 1979 in Lodetto Di Rovato (Bs), detecting Radio cloud Castelcovati (Bs) of 1977. L ‘musical aspect and’ status from birth to the dominant element. The radius listening issuer, initially limited, and is ‘Progressively enlarged in 1980 and broadcast ratings have gradually become important and relevant thanks to the professionalism’ of artistic collaborators as Joele Bell, Ronnie Jones, Fausto Terenzi Franco Lazzari, Corrado Trisoglio, Giusy Legrenzi (now RTL), Riccardo Este (now 105), Katia De Rossi and collaborations with the likes of Federico The Flying Dutchman (RTL), Luke Judge (now collaborator RAI Rome) and to ‘contribution of the national record companies, Which have made Montorfano Radio broadcasters blackberries’ Followed in Brescia and province.Radio Montorfano official website address is