Radio Lady 97.7 FM radio station

Radio Lady 97.7 FM

It started broadcasting from September 1, 1981 and from a winery in Via De Amicis was turned on the Lady of Radio. From that day on 97.7 fm broadcasts sounds, talks, inform and companionship to thousands of people. The radio station created as a joke and now the only reality, along with Radio You Are, panorama radio nell’Empolese Val d’Elsa transmits Radio Lady every day hours of live entertainment, games, rubrics dissemination, the new hit of the moment and the great classics of Italian and international, being very connected to its territory with information, curiosities, with over 10 news per day, one every hour, and giving space for associations and sports undertakings. Many years of living and working daily with its listeners and, for almost four years, readers also seen that the extended family of Radio-Radio Lady You Are was born Thanks to all for the trust and attachment proven since 1981. Official website of Radio Lady is