Radio Byte Network radio station

Radio Byte Network

BYTE Radio Network begins broadcasting in Modena January 5, 2008, is a non-profit web radio totally self-managed born from the passion and the desire to create a listening point, uniting all the music lovers of the past decade, namely that of 90s real strength , but not only in the rotation are also the successes of today. The music programming is 70% composed of the successes of the past since the 80s; even if they do not predominate as the 90 in all its kinds with particular attention to the dance, which in those years gave his best. Present, however, all the hits of today and those of the early new millennium. This is to let you experience a musical journey that takes you back in time, never forget this! Until June 2012, the whole thing was miscellato from thematic programs conducted by our speaker, live or recorded scattered throughout Italy, but that they referred to the study of central airing of web radio in Modena, where we can find instrumentation of high technology and professionalism run by the Media Stream Tripaldi Fabrizio. This, as we said, however, until June 2012 because by that time the radio suspended, for reasons of force majeure, the airing of each program live or recorded music to become a radio totally without changing though programming.Radio Byte Network official website address is