Errevuti Radio radio station

Errevuti Radio

Errevutì is one of the first broadcasters born in Italy following the liberalization of the FM took place in late 1976.An adventure which have created some electronics enthusiasts, music and ……From an attic of Via Piero della Francesca in Sansepolcro, the voices of the early pioneers of radio, became day after day, the friendly voices of the Tiber Valley.Via Piero della Francesca to the radio, before he moved to Via San Puccio, just where now there is the Chinese, then in 1979, in Via Martyrs of the Resistance, and since 1998, on the premises, finally owned, the complex of Arcadia Viale Osimo, always in Sansepolcro.The name Radio Tiber, already wanted to give a wider dimension than the town, offered by radio to other neighboring towns.Then over time with the expansion to other areas, such as the Romagna, Marche, Senese, the provinces of Arezzo and Perugia almost in their entirety, pushed managers to use more and more initials Errevutì, compared to the original name.For years, thanks to the phone calls, the dedications, messages of Stall, we have seen the birth of love, find and offer jobs, grow people who are among the more work with us in various sectors and today, thanks to technology, radio is present not only in FM, but also on the web platform: Errevutì you can listen on phones and computers for some time, but now you can also see; through collaboration with Wineuropa, now the new site has the Live Streaming, to see the live radio, the last of the many technological revolutions that we experienced in 37 years of life.Errevuti Radio official website address is