Deliradio radio station


Deliradio is the webradio of Rome who love to listen, tell, play and bring everything that fascinates the young Italian from an artistic, musical and social .Deliradio counts on the collaboration of many people inspired by curiosity to approach the medium of radio .Deliradio welcomes from 2010 young aspiring conductors and DJs to instruct them to craft radio.Deliradio radio is a school that believes in putting into practice the ideas and passions.Deliradio weekly offers spaces to be filled with imagination and participation and transforms them into professionalism and dedication.Deliradio helps you learn techniques audiofonia, directed and run thanks to its studio located in Pigneto in Rome.Deliradio firmly believes in the dissemination of news multi-ethnic and the world around them.Deliradio tells Italy today, its inhabitants, his dreams and his ideas and does so with a schedule live live stream of about 12 hours a day.Deliradio official website address is