Alkafeel Radio radio station

Alkafeel Radio

In order to reject the Iraqi ether especially Islamic and generally voice convey the concerns of Muslim women and the family, and tries to be addressed in accordance with the legitimate visions that did not leave the resource only have the rule, and to help in the upbringing of children in accordance with the methodology sound and healthy psychologically and physically, was established Radio called the (sponsor) named after the guarantor his children and bearer of Imam Hussein, his brother Abu al Fadl al Abbas peace be upon them. The methodology radio Mptnah the Muhammadiyah Islamic regimes in the construction of the human personality in general, and women, children and families in particular, and the process of human individual himself successful, useful to society, which is in all of this obedient to his Lord, an exhibition on his transgressions. It is unique to the broadcast sponsor for other radio stations in Iraq and the world, is that the technical and administrative cadre of all women, not just exist in the whole world broadcast all its members from the women, non-broadcast sponsor.Alkafeel Radio website address is