COI Radio radio station

COI Radio

The Call of Islam Radio is the chief Islamic radio station TV solely in English from the heart of the Hawza Ilmiyya in Qom. Working under the support of the Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting and in close coordinated effort with Islamic researchers, its substance is comprised of Islamic addresses, critiques and television shows suitable for seekers of information. The station was authoritatively dispatched in January 2008, harmonizing with the conception of Sayyida Fatima al-Masoomah, peace be upon her, and its main goal is spreading the teachings of Prophet Muhammad and his family unit, peace be upon them. COI Radio speaks to a turning point in giving Islamic learning from the heart of the Hawza to an overall gathering of people and has numerous prestigious identities, every bringing their own particular one of a kind and edifying bits of knowledge to Islamic issues.COI Radio website address is