Radio Nago radio station

Radio Nago

RadioNago is a community station, noncommercial, educational, in accordance with the standards that the government: Federal communication commission “” FCC “” For consequant our goal is to join you in your full support to you disseminate programming replying to your every needs: Educational Cultural Informative Amusing Entertainments operation of our radio station depends only on the participation of our auditerurs at any point of view. From our side we know, gold and dejas you expect from us any programming qualitee first, but the difference is so exceptional. We know that our listeners a taste descriminatoirs (new kon ki nin its new vle) Let us therefore once in a foreign land that meets broadcast radio really our taste and our inspirations for us to say a high channel: “Yes this Radio is my Radio ” The team already in place, is a small family laqu’elle “Unity is Strength” Our greatest hope is that finally this family enlarges to that ‘Together we can build a beautiful garden or we can sit down to exchange ideas, hopes and find a solution to the small daily problems. We know that nothing is more comforting than having quelq’un that you will be able to listen and advise you …… Desormais with RadioNago and his team, we are all together to create a large chain of friendship and or our neighbor will not stay on the odds, or the rights of the human being will be respected, the right of expression and will take the place .. premiee Friends and Auditors of Radionago it is not too late for tomorrow is pleasant, the recipe is simple: (new year mache min dan lamin new year gade ensemb nan direksyon mim) ” Nago Radio Nago official website address is