Radio Salam radio station

Radio Salam

Born in 1991, Radio Salam has emerged in the Lyon radio landscape, like the first community radio station by the number of listeners. Today Radio Salam, issues in Bourg en Bresse with the same success. The program is general, that is to say, it is for everyone, young or seniors, men or women, united by a commitment to the Arab-Muslim culture. Radio Salam goal is twofold, to promote this common culture which is pillar of Radio Salam identity and enable Radio Salam listeners to live fully their citizenship. The first generations of Arab immigration, have a history, a memory, a legacy that must not be violated by forgetfulness, Radio Salam have a duty to protect it and to share it. Radio Salam are the link between the past and the present, and together Radio Salam build the future.Radio Salam official website address is