Radio Alize radio station

Radio Alize

Radio Alize is a charitable association created in September 2005, governed by the 1901 law. It aims to promote World Cultures through its various activities. It aims to be multicultural, to discover the caraïbéenne music and other diverse cultures in his listeners (zouk, kompa, salsa, sega, dancehall, funk, reggae …). Depending on your request and audience, Radio Alize adapts its music programming. All music tastes are represented. Radio Alize promoted young talent, interview and present social associations, cultural, educational, business, artists and individuals. Radio Alize realizes direct broadcasts, live news reports on various events, commercials and broadcasts on his radio. For the events, Radio Alize organizes themed nights of prestige, cultural days, … For any need in sound system, Radio Alize offers a large choice of equipment on estimate.Radio Alize web official website address is