Radio Varazdin radio station

Radio Varazdin

Radio Varazdin blend of tradition and modernity, creativity and professionalism. It was created on the initiative of Varazdin hams, and first began broadcasting July 10, 1945 in the evening. Radio Varazdin is also the first local radio stations in Croatia.Radio Varazdin county has a concession, and listening to and Meñimurje and Kopriviničko Križevci, so it is an excellent choice for promotion and publication in the northwestern Croatian.Radio Varazdin nurtures its own production of high-quality informative and is a prominent member of the Media service. Journalists Radio Varazdin educated people with experience, who are regularly first on the scene. Their contributions and information first hit the eardrum and website visitors. Listeners Radio Varazdin are of all ages, and the average listener is employed, has a minimum of a high school education, is married and has a medium and higher monthly income.Radio Varazdin recognized as a credible source of information and a quality service to the citizens, and as a friend of the whole family.Radio Varazdin official website address is