Radio Orahovica radio station

Radio Orahovica

Radio Orahovica, company, works, and has existed since 1968, when it was first recorded public broadcasting, which is continuously was continued to the present day. Through the institution of the multitude of workers marched to today it was constantly employed six workers, Anita Zavada Mary Bačmaga, Gordana Jajcanin, Slavko Bosnjak, Vladimir Grabovac and Tonino Rađenović. The program of the local radio stations broadcast daily 06-22 hours, Saturdays from 07 to 22h and Sundays 09-22 hours that is representative of all segments of life, of culture, sports, politics, health, agriculture, gospodrastva to entertainment and marketing. Listeners Orahovac radio program on 95.7 MHz follow.Radio Orahovica official website address is