Radio Novska radio station

Radio Novska

Incurred during the war, bleak, war, bloody but glorious 1991st year, grown up during the rebuilding and healing the wounds of a small town located in Western Slavonia, and grew up in a time of transition and democracy, let us introduce good vibrations on our operating frequency 88.3 MHz. As just one small bird in the flock radio frequencies we wish to introduce ourselves and the town of Novska, its end, and all of its wonderful people, and of course about, his Croatian homeland. program our radio, you can keep track of each day in the period 7-17 hours, and all-night music program. Few of us, but there is a network of our employees and all those who, with their advice and suggestions enrich and ennoble our program. Why good vibes? Because everyone in our program, which ranges from politics to fun can always find something precious, interesting and useful. Because the music of the radio exactly what is missing in every moment of your mood. And because no radio can not, admit it or not. So … just good vibes at 88.3 MHz with a program of radio station Novska. Radio Novska official website address is