Radio Nasice radio station

Radio Nasice

Radio Nasice was first announced 26 November 1966. The first words on Radio Nasice instructed the audience on behalf of the founders of the Assembly of the Municipality of Našice and political organizations Mr. Vlado Dejanic. At the head of the then team Radio Stations Našice was Vladimir Micka. The first presenters were: Branko actor and Zdenko Pavic, technical manager Zeljko Bobek. Radio Nasice is a limited liability company owned by City Nasice Municipality Podgorac, Fericani Đurdenovac and Lower Moticina. The program achieves 12 employees and a number of regular contributors. With the experience of older colleagues, vibrancy and freedom of public expression gives young team, which is from the year 1991 their knowledge in the exercise of a radio program just acquired by Radio Nasice. Personnel who have taken their first steps started in our house, today they are successful leaders on television and radio, correspondents and collaborators of other radio and the press.Radio Nasice official website address is