CILE MF 95.1 radio station

CILE MF 95.1

Cile-MF pushed its infancy in 1981 under the name of CHSP … At first, Radio Television Communautaire Havre-Saint-Pierre was just to broadcast television channels.It was during the second subscription campaign we presented the first radio show at the Municipal Hall of Havre-Saint-Pierre. Subsequently, staff and volunteers have produced several shows from time to time. November 13, 1983, the Caisse populaire de Havre-Saint-Pierre announced the donation of a premises located at 1126, rue Boreale. CHSP therefore continues to produce programs at social and cultural events.It was not until 1985 that the station really takes off with a regular program of 4 hours per week of programming that increases to 36 hours in October 1987. In the summer of 1996, ILAC-MF continues to grow with its 70 hours of programming a week, and it was in June 1996 that the ILAC-ME-PLEASE club was born.CILE MF 95.1 official website address is