Universitaria FM 88.9 radio station

Universitaria FM 88.9

The University Radio, an educational broadcaster committed to culture and citizenship, especially the North riograndense population, began operating on a trial basis, on December 28, 2000 and opened on March 22, 2001. The station It operates with 3 kW with a local schedule 24 hours in air. It is authorized by Decree n. 322, of December 21, 1998, the Ministry of Communications, and works under the administration of the Superintendent of Communication of the Federal University of Rio Grande do Norte in the University Campus.In recognition of this work of station, in March 2007 the City Council decided to establish the Christmas March 22, date of creation of the University Radio FM, as the MUSICIAN Natal DAY.Universitaria FM 88.9 official website address is universitariafm.blogspot.com.br