Tabajara FM radio station

Tabajara FM

Tabajara Radio Network comprises of two radio stations situated in Joao Pessoa, capital of Paraiba, and transmit on frequencies 1110 kHz AM and 105.5 MHz FM. This state government office was made in January 25, 1937 by the legislative leader of Argemiro Figueiredo, under the name of Radio Broadcast of Paraiba PRI 4.Today, the radio has a system of more than 20 stations Paraíba chain, called Tabajara Sat Network, which empowers the accomplishment of the station to the whole state.It Tabajara FM has an alternate timetable, concentrated all the more on the grown-up type melodies and offers need to the MPB furthermore to the music of neighborhood specialists, which is a huge distinction between all Paraiba radio.Tabajara FM official website address is