Radio Difusora Tres Passos radio station

Radio Difusora Tres Passos

Diffuser: 61 years of regional integration. September 20, 1951 is marked in the history of the region with the emergence of the first media vehicle. At the time, feeling the need to rise in the state scene, a group of people had the courage and daring to create in Três Passos a radio station, initially a branch of Radio Colonial de Três de Maio, which was later transformed into a broadcaster local. Regional integration was established, an objective that has been proposed since the beginning of the project and is maintained until today, with a wide range of sports, cultural and journalistic coverage of all the events that marked the region, the state, the country and the world. Over half a century of history, Diffuser has produced and exported programs and professionals to other broadcasters and other media outlets. In these 61 years of history, Rádio Diffusora is today an example in the area.Radio Difusora website address is