BBN Radio Bolivia radio station

BBN Radio Bolivia

It was the May 28, 1968 when Lowell Davey, now president of Bible Broadcasting Network (BBN), bought a radio station in Norfolk, Virginia. The main desire was to deliver quality programs and music with Christian content. Like today, it was evident the need to give people a program to provide support for your family, answering questions that arise during the marriage, family and interpersonal relationships. There was also the desire to use the most advanced technology that exists to transmit such content for the best possible sound and simultaneously provide a service to the community. As the desire for a Christian format had, we select only traditional Christian music. Some may wonder as to why this decision, however BBN has grown to become one of the networks of the world’s largest Christian broadcasting. It was the October 2, 1971, BBN began its transmission with the hymn “To God Be The Glory”. God has blessed this ministry and we thank Him for everything we have achieved.BBN Radio Bolivia official website address is