2XX Radio radio station

2XX Radio

2xx Radio is a Canberra’s premier alternative independent radio station. In fact, 2XX FM is the oldest community radio station in Australia, starting all the way back in 1976! 2XX FM belongs to the Canberra community, and proudly broadcasts their unique voices. With over 135 hours of original content each week produced entirely by volunteers, 2XX Fm radio listeners are presented with the compelling, innovative and diverse tastes of Canberra culture. This includes coverage of local news and information, contemporary art and film, youth programs, literature, public events, current affairs, indigenous news, multicultural content, and more. Our content is designed to inform, inspire, challenge and entertain Canberrans who want something fresh and alternative. 2XX FM has always celebrated diversity, and caters to a wide range of cultural, social, and ethnic groups that would not ordinarily be able to gain access to radio media. There’s great content from CALD, Indigenous, people with mental illness and the LGBTIQ community broadcast every week. The station is run almost entirely by the 190+ volunteers, and assisted by a limited number of paid staff. 2XX FM is funded partially by subscriptions, and relies on this revenue to keep broadcasting. Official website of 2XX is www.2xxfm.org.au