Boreal FM radio station

Boreal FM

Boreal FM, since 1999 a free media for the towns of Capilla del Senor, Los Cardales, Robles, Torres, Open Door, Fatima, Manzanares, Pilar, Solis, San Andres de Giles, San Antonio de Areco, Lujan, Zarate and Bell. Boreal FM station, working for quite a while to give a quality sign, in sound and substance. For that, Boreal FM endeavor to get the best blend of all mechanical, aesthetic and educational elements. For Ud.reciba a brilliant item. So Boreal FM have the principal climate station all through the district. Outfitted with high-accuracy sensors that report to a product by which Boreal FM recorded in our group of onlookers educated.Boreal FM website address is